From Our Freezer

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    New York Strip Loin 

    Ribeye Steaks

    Top Sirloin Steaks 

    Top Sirloin Roast 

    Stewing Beef 

    Lean Ground Beef 

    Beef Tenderloin

    Beef Short Ribs

Hutterite Chickens

  1. Whole Chickens

  2. Boneless/Skinless Breast  

  3. Thighs  

  4. Legs  

  5. Quarter Leg and Thigh 

  6. Chicken Wings  


Hutterite Turkey

  1. ​Ground Turkey  


  1. Bone In Chops  

  2. Boneless Chops 

  3. Tenderloin 

  4. Sirloin Roast 

  5.  Shoulder Roast 

  6. Boston Butt 

  7. Ground Pork 

  8. Stewing Pork 

  9. Smoked Pork Jowl 

  10. Smoked Pork Hocks 

  11. Smoked Hams 


  1. Rack of Lamb 

  2. Lamb Chops 

  3. Lamb Shank 

  4. Leg of Lamb 

  5. Lamb Shoulder 

  6. Lamb Ribs

  7. Lamb Sirloin 

  8. Lamb Stew Meat 


  1. Maple Bacon 

  2. Mount Royal 

  3. Double Smoked Bacon 

  4. Juniper Bacon 

  5. Herb Bacon 

  6. Onion and Garlic Bacon


  1. Italian Sausage

  2. Apple Onion  

  3. Pork Bratwurst 

  4. Beef Bratwurst 

  5. Bacon Breakfast Sausage 

  6. Mennonite Sausage  

  7. Lincolnshire Bangers 

  8. South African Boerewors  

  9. Medister Sausage 

  10. Spanish Chorizo

Deli - Ready to Eat

  1. Andouille Sausage 

  2. Kielbasa Farmers Sausage 

  3. Pizza Pepperoni 

  4. Pepperoni Sticks

  5. Beef Jerky 

  6. Danish Ruellepoelse

  7. Cooked Hutterite Turkey Breast

  8. Montreal Smoked Meat 

  9. Capocollo 

  10. Cooked Ham 

  11. Proscuitto 

  12. Red Wine Salami

  13. Chicken Liver Terrine 


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